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Managed Admin Fast, Reliable SEO & ROI without Commitment

Search Engine Optimization

The backbone of our company

What does that mean? That is a fancy term for what we do. We get your website to #1 on Google in as little as three months.

How do we do that? We are a team of SEO experts who work tirelessly to get your website to where it deserves to be. It’s a mix of math, expertise, and a little bit of magic

We also manage and host SEO domains. We do the work for you. What could be better than optimal results with little effort on your part?

“Great team of creative, intelligent, and friendly people! This team is a must for your business!!!”

Caroline Burke

Why Hire Us As Your SEO Company

We Take The Risk

Managed Admin is better than your cellphone. Why? You buy this super awesome piece of technology, but you're stuck in a two-year commitment. At Managed Admin, you get all the benefits of cutting edge technology and dedicated experts without the hassle of the commitment.

If you don’t love our services, you can leave at any time. It’s that simple!

Customer satisfaction makes us happy and drives our experts to succeed. That is why we work so hard for you.

Search Engine Optimization

What does it mean? It's a fancy term for what we do. We get your website to #1 on Google in as little as three months.

How do we do that? We're a team of experts who work tirelessly to get your website to where it deserves to be. It’s a mix of math, expertise, and a little bit of magic.

We also manage and host SEO domains. We do the work for you. What could be better than optimal results with little effort on your part?

Optimize & Analyze

We at Managed Admin take your success seriously. We understand that you are busy and want to spend extra effort to get amazing results. We'll analyze your site and user experiences, to get you to the top of Google's search results!

The goal is to get visitors to your site. You also want visitors to come back once they see how awesome it is. This requires skill and training which your web developer may not have. Managed Admin's SEO experts have the skills and experience to keep them coming back.

We analyze user experiences. We see how they react and behave. Then we make corrective measures to optimize the experience for them. In return, you will find that your site skyrockets in popularity.

How long does it take? Often our clients see results in three months, sometimes quicker. After making the decision to join us, you'll see just how passionately we work for you.


Another popular acronym that means: more bang for your buck. Return On Investment is a means to calculate the value on services you've spent your company's budget on. At Managed Admin, the money you spend is a solid investment.

You'll receive daily reports, so you won't worry whether you're spending your marketing budget wisely. If you aren't completely satisfied, feel free to cancel at any time. Great value with no hassle.

Spending thousands of dollars on marketing? Following typical SEO tips with no results? If you find yourself struggling to change your position on Google, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Spending thousands on a marketing strategy that doesn't include Managed Admin is a waste of your money. Invest your money in a commitment-free USA-based company that delivers results.

Meet our team


Jon Grant

CTO / Founder

Jared Sherwood

CEO / Founder

Wil Bartleman

Creative Content Manager

George Eblacker

Senior Account Manager

Bryce Ruck

SEO Marketing Specialist

Jamie Montgomery

Social Media Manager



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We're Not Just Any SEO Firm

We also help other marketing businesses succeed

Our SEO Services At A Glance


Better SEO. Better results. Our bread and butter is search engine optimization. Most of your website's traffic comes from one of two places: direct links to your site or search engine queries.

Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world. To rank well on Google's search results you need the knowledge and patience to work towards the goal of getting your site to the top. That takes time – time better spent on running your business.

As your internet marketing company we can do that for you without commitment and without any hassle. Our SEO Services page provides you with more information on how we can help you succeed.


The biggest challenge to online marketing companies is maintaining and monitoring their web resources. Need a diversity of IPs for your websites? Well we've got over 25 A-class IPs and Hundreds of C-class IPs distributed over 50 Data centers worldwide. Worried that your sites will be ruined because they share IPs with spammy websites? Managed Admin's SEO Hosting uses top-quality shared IP addresses with guaranteed spam free safe neighborhoods. Concerned about the security of your sites? Our hosting solution utilizes strong security measures to ensure that the IP pool is discreet and that each site is "jailed" so if one site gets compromised the rest won't fall like dominoes. All this and more is provided with an easy user friendly interface. Check out our SEO Hosting page to learn more about how we can host domains for you.


The crux of search engine ranking is links. The more you have, the more Google thinks you are popular. The more popular you are, the higher your site gets pushed up in search results. Buying cheap backlinks is a dangerous move - putting your sites at risk for being penalized. Don’t be fooled! Many firms will take your money and link to your domain with poor quality sites. We've developed a service that utilizes our custom tools to provide a better alternative to buying cheap backlinks. Check out our SEO Admin page to learn more about this great service.


People judge. If something seems intriguing, you better believe that they will check it out. On the other hand, if your business is boring or poorly maintained, word will spread fast. No one wants to patron a place with bad reviews. The same goes for your online presence! Online patrons are just as particular about where they decide to do business. Not sure about domain buying? We can help you with that! Visit our SEO Domains page linked at the top of this page to find out how you can make the right decisions about your SEO future today.

Google Apps For Work

Among our top services is a partnership with Google Apps for Work. In fact, we were named the number one Google Apps for Work partner for the entire state of Arizona where we happen to be located. The program runs with the same intent as Managed Admin – to make your business operate smoother with the best possible investment. Google Apps for Work is a tool for organizing and optimizing your business. Each component of the program has been carefully designed to give clients the absolute top experience possible. Plus, with our help, you can get started right away without having to interrupt your productivity to set anything up. To learn all about the amazing benefits of our partnership, be sure to check out our E-mail section.

Our History

Managed Admin was founded in 2012 by two members of the same trusted Managed Admin staff. Following a successful nine-year period at, founders Jon Grant and Jared Sherwood took their expertise, drive, and passion for clients to start Managed Admin.

The now established Phoenix based SEO company is privately held with a relatively small number of employees. As a small marketing firm, we have just enough people to handle your every need, but not too much that we forget about our clients. Our clients matter most to our growing success ever since we opened. In Arizona alone, we are Google Apps for Work’s number one partner.

We don't waste our partnerships or time on matters that won't provide our customers with optimal success. Our goal is for optimal return on investment for our clients.

More About The Managed Admin Team

Our team is special.

Many companies boast that their team is the best, but ours really is incredible. Don't just take our word for it. Most reviews focus on our gifted and extremely knowledgeable team. Located conveniently in the Phoenix metro area (Gilbert, Arizona), we happily serve the United States from the United States.

You can trust your company’s success and reputation with us. We want our clients to have the best, most reliable service possible. When you message or call a representative, you speak directly with our team in the United States.

Unlike other marketers, you never have to worry about your information falling into the hands of someone that you can't trust.

Not Optimized? You're Losing Money.

Taking steps to ensure that your website is search engine optimized will actually earn you money. Yes, you read that correctly! Besides our promise for a high return on investment, we know that having an SEO company on your side is key to making a successful internet marketing campaign.

Sites with low traffic or even sites with poor trust values won't show on the first page of search results. Users typically don't even look past the first few results, and hardly any will click to the second page. Those clicks on your page are money in your pocket. Getting lost on the second page or farther down the first page is money lost. Spending money on a strong SEO plan is worth the money, and we can help!

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